Like a Complete Unknown


Part of the Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 book signing and gallery show/charity auction, opening Saturday, June 21st 2014, at Gallery Nucleus. Preview prints available HERE.

Staring Contest by 

Backseat Driver by 

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En lo que ando trabajando :3

En lo que ando trabajando :3







A Videogame Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I wrote this new comic for Dorkly, brought to life by Andy Kluthe’s pitch-perfect illustration.


Black Cat 

Black Cat 


Gorgeous Animation Celebrates the Lives of the Doctor ~

This lovely short animation by Chang Dai takes us from the First Doctor to the departure of the Eleventh in a style reminiscent of Chuck Jones, translating each Doctor’s personality into a short cartoon.

You can check out tumblebuggie's other illustrations and animations over on his Tumblr.

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Voy a hacer mi tarea con Cupid Deluxe ^^


I managed to arrive at work two hours early thanks to my own inability to tell time or realize that the reason my alarm didn’t go off was because it wasn’t going to go off in another hour and a half. Ahh well, during the last twenty minutes I whipped out the lines to this. Seeing as I am always skeptical of posting anything traditional I quickly added some colors. So enjoy some more Ninja Girl!! I enjoy seeing pictures of her in the tag and I think it is nice she has been getting some love lately.